Software & Support Media

Software & Support Media is an international media company for the IT industry. The company's information and service offering is aimed at IT professionals in all relevant technology markets. Thanks to its long-standing presence as a competent knowledge broker, the Software & Support Media Group is a reliable partner for companies in all industries. Leading companies continuously receive their important impulses for innovation and further development from the media offerings and secure their competitive advantage. Their portfolio includes conferences, training courses, trade magazines, online services and books, and is one of the most comprehensive cross-media offerings of its kind in Europe. Over 100,000 IT professionals at all levels and in all industries draw on this knowledge to make technology decisions and investments for their projects. This large number of high-quality contacts also provides an attractive environment for media and sponsorship services. Providers of technologies and services will find suitable contacts in European companies of all sizes and industries.

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Entwickler Akademie

The Entwickler Akademie, part of the Software & Support Media Group, hosts seminars, training events, and in-house training for developers, software architects, and IT managers. Participants learn from the best-known experts and thought leaders in each topic area. All of our trainers are top speakers at national and international conferences, authors of professional books, as well as contributors to our magazines. The broad seminar program covers all major IT topics - from Java EE, PHP, JavaScript, .NET and SOA to databases, IT security, software architecture, and web development.

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