<p>Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)</p>

Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)

Module CLOUDINFRA - Infrastructure, Container and Cloud Native

Microservices, containers, and container managers have greatly changed the way software is designed, developed, and put into production in recent years. Modern applications must function in a cluster of multiple nodes, be dynamically placeable, scalable and fault tolerant.

Here, attendees will learn ways to implement dynamic cloud-native architectures, container application design, logging/monitoring/alerting, container native storage, and UI integration capabilities. Likewise, typical concepts of current container managers will be shown and how they can be used to realize common quality requirements for larger web applications. In addition, well-known cloud providers are classified, possibilities for automation are shown, approaches to software development and the application lifecycle are discussed. You can view the complete syllabus here.



Florian is a software developer. He prefers to work in agile projects where ideas and requirements can be transformed into running software quickly and without major obstacles. For this to work, you need autonomous teams that not only know how to develop, but also how to deliver and operate the software. That is why he focuses on the topics DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Cloud infrastructures. His second passion is Machine Learning, especially the application of pre-trained Deep Learning models to new domains by means of Transfer Learning.

Johannes Bumüller studied business informatics at the University of Hamburg. For many years, he worked as a technical consultant for an Italian software company. There he ran software systems for insurance companies in Germany, Austria and Italy. Since 2015, Johannes has been working as a software developer at WPS. In addition to the programming languages C# and Java, his special interest is software architecture as well as IT security. He also focuses on the scaling of software systems in dynamic IT landscapes using cloud computing.

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You can have your attendance of the event credited as competence acquisition in the Advanced Level Program of the iSAQB. By attending this module you will receive 10 credit points in the methodological area and 20 in the technical area.


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Infrastructure, Container and Cloud Native
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