<p>Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)”</p>

Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)”

Module FLEX - Flexible Architectural Models: Microservices and Self-Contained Systems

Software requirements are changing faster and faster – architecture must react to this. This training teaches pragmatic and modern approaches for flexible software architectures such as microservices and self-contained systems. Domain-driven Design and the closely related Strategic Design show how Bounded Context and Context Maps can be used to divide even large applications into long-term maintainable functionalities.

According to Conway’s Law, organizations are closely interwoven with the architecture and can make its contribution to flexibility. Another influencing factor is Continuous Delivery: It brings software into production faster and more reliably, but this is only possible with clean modularization aligned with it. Continuous Delivery also provides new tools for architects: Infrastructures such as IaaS, PaaS, and virtualization open up entirely different ways to make software more flexible. With the help of metrics and logging, more information can be incorporated into architectural work.

The seminar teaches how these modern concepts can be used in practice beyond the hype and with which architecture options and decision alternatives they can be adapted. Participants will work through the approaches in practice using a case study. The principles taught are independent of programming language or platform.

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Holger Breitling has been working for Workplace Solutions since 1999. As a senior software architect, he advises clients on software architecture, modern software development processes, and quality management. He is author of numerous specialist articles in this field and has several years of experience in the management of development projects in customers order. Holger Breitling is responsible for the port and rail customer segments at WPS.

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Additional notes:

You can have your attendance of the event credited as competence acquisition in the Advanced Level Program of the iSAQB. By attending this module, you will receive 20 credit points in the technical area and 10 credit points in the methodological area.


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