<p>Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)</p>

Software Architecture Camp – Advanced with certification for a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA-A)

Modul FUNAR - Funktionale Softwarearchitektur

After completing the module, participants will know the essential principles of functional architecture and can apply them when designing software systems. They will know the peculiarities of functional programming languages and can effectively exploit them when implementing software systems. They will be able to convert domain knowledge directly into executable code and systematically develop algebraic abstractions from it.

In functional languages, architecture is code – due to its increased expressiveness and abstraction capabilities. In the course, there are hands-on exercises in which programming (in Haskell) is done.

Previous knowledge in functional programming is helpful but not necessary. Those who have not programmed in functional languages should attend the pre-course. (It does not have to be Haskell.) An introduction to Haskell will be given as part of the training.

Workshop "Introduction to functional programming" on the previous day

The workshop is a compact introduction to functional programming for training participants who have no experience with it or want to enjoy a short refresher. The workshop uses the special teaching languages and the proven didactic methodology of the DeinProgram construction manuals.

Thus, the “Introduction to Functional Programming” workshop is not mandatory for participation in the FUNAR module.

Here you can view the complete syllabus.


Additional notes

You can have your attendance of the event credited as competence acquisition in the Advanced Level Program of the iSAQB. By attending this module you will receive 20 credit points in the technical area and 10 in the methodological area.


Dr. Michael Sperber: Dr. Michael Sperber is the managing director of Active Group GmbH in Tübingen, which develops individual software exclusively with functional programming. He is an internationally recognized expert in functional programming and has been applying it in research, teaching, and industrial development for over 20 years. He has also authored numerous technical articles and books on the subject. Michael Sperber is co-founder of the blog funktionale-programmierung.de and co-organizer of the developer conference BOB. Together with Nicole Rauch, he developed the iSAQB curriculum “Functional Software Architecture”.

Services at a glance

  •  Training times: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
  •  Limited to a maximum of 12 participants
  •  Enjoy relaxed networking and exchange of experiences
  •  You define the location where training takes place – whether at the workplace or at the home office in familiar surroundings: No travel or hotel costs!
  •  Certification as CPSA‑A (Certified Professional for Software Architecture Advanced Level)
  •  Workshop materials in digital form, Additional goodies such as free subscriptions, etc.
  •  When you purchase a ticket, you get a free 4-hour video tutorial from Michael Sperber included! ​ 

Here’s a little preview of the video tutorial by Michael Sperber.


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