Holger Breitling has been working for Workplace Solutions since 1999. As a senior software architect, he advises clients on software architecture, modern software development processes, and quality management. He is author of numerous specialist articles in this field and has several years of experience in the management of development projects in customers order. Holger Breitling is responsible for the port and rail customer segments at WPS.

Florian is a software developer. He prefers to work in agile projects where ideas and requirements can be transformed into running software quickly and without major obstacles. For this to work, you need autonomous teams that not only know how to develop, but also how to deliver and operate the software. That is why he focuses on the topics DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Cloud infrastructures. His second passion is Machine Learning, especially the application of pre-trained Deep Learning models to new domains by means of Transfer Learning.

Andreas has helped to further domain-driven and agile software architectures all his career. He shares his experience in numerous publications, as a speaker, as a coach, and now as an iSAQB trainer. He offers trainings in the following languages: German, English. He is an iSAQB® Accredited Trainer for the following levels and / or modules: Foundation Level, ARCEVAL, DDD


Matthias Bohlen is an expert in effective product development. He has worked as a coach, consultant, and trainer for development organizations in the energy, tourism, logistics, automotive, telecom, insurance, and healthcare industries. Matthias Bohlen helps leaders and teams improve performance, achieve goals, and increase customer and employee satisfaction alike.